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A. Eorimok Trail

Eorimok Trail starts from Hallasan National Park’s Visitors Center (altitude 970m), passes Eorimok Valley, Sajebi Hill (altitude 1,423m), Manse Hill (altitude 1,606m), Witsae-oreum Shelter (altitude 1,700m) and the south cliff beltway up to the south cliff junction(altitude 1,600m), covering a total of 6.8km and takes about three hours for a one way trip. Visitors can take the Donnaeko Trail and Yeongsil Trail to tread down the course. The steep Sajebi Hill area requires a moderate amount of physical stamina, but the track from Manse Hill which passes the Witsae-oreum Shelter up to the south cliff junction is a relatively gentle slope where visitors can fully enjoy Baengnokdam's southern volcanic cones along with Hallasan’s beautiful scenery.

 Things to see along Eorimok Trail include Sajebi Hill’s red-leaved hornbeam (seo-eo tree, carpinus laxiflora) forests, Manse hill’s Korean azalea (sancheoljjuk, Rhododendron yedoense var. poukhanense) and Korean rhododendron (teoljindallae, Rhododendron mucronulatum var. ciliatum Nakai) flower fields, and Seonjakjiwat’s basaltic latite lava flow. Visitors can also find drinking water at the Sajebi and Bang-ae-oreum Springs, but this may be hard to find during dry seasons. Roe deer are frequently reported to be seen along this trail. The south cliff beltway is an alpine plain with little or no change in altitude, where the steeply rising southern cliff of Hallasan's summit and the three Bang-ae-oreums sequentially unfold.

 Eorimok Trail is the trail most often visited by Hallasan’s tourists, but since the Witsae-oreum and south cliff beltway areas are subject to frequent weather changes and there is a high risk of fog, lightning, and getting lost, it is recommended for visitors to check the weather before coming.

1) Trail Grade  (Difficulty - A: Hard, B: Normal, C: Easy)
Hallasan National Park Visitors Center -C- Eorimok valley -A- Sajebi Hill -B- Manse Hill -C- South cliff junction 

2) Witsae-oreum Shelter
Location : Hallasan National Park 1,700m hill where the Eorimok and Yeongsil Trails meet
Personnel: 2 permanently stationed staff
Supplies for sale: drinking water, snacks, cup noodles, gloves, raincoats and other light mountain climbing equipment
Restrooms: indoor natural fermentation type restrooms