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Park Introduction

Hallasan is one of Korea’s three most sacred mountains, located on the southernmost island of the Korean Peninsula. It rises 1,950m above sea level, making it the tallest mountain in South Korea. Due to its diverse vegetation it has special scientific importance as a treasure house of plants, and was therefore designated as a natural monument (No. 182) on October 12th, 1966, and officially named the Hallasan Natural Conservation Area.

A young volcanic mountain of the fourth Cenozoic era, Hallasan was an active volcano until about 25,000 years ago, resulting in over 360 oreums (parasitic cone volcanoes) which form a spectacular landscape. Nestled in the middle of an island, Hallasan looks both inviting and majestic. The ever-changing colors of the scenery evoke a sense of wonder in all those who seek the beauty of nature, and this is why the area was designated a national park on March 24th 1970, and a UNESCO ‘Biosphere Reserve’ in December 2002.

Jeju-do is considered by Koreans to be a gift from God, and Hallasan holds many ancient wonders to be shared with the world. This unique area was internationally recognized on June 27th, 2007 when ‘Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes’ were designated Korea’s first UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

Park Area Total Area
Jeju City 94.068㎢
Seogwipo City 59.044㎢
Designated Zones Park Natural Reserve 77.836㎢
Park Natural Environment 75.276㎢
Natural Reserve : 91.62㎢, Natural Monument No. 182 (1966.10.12)
Park Facilities Offices 5 buildings / 5 places
Visitr Center 1 building / 1area
Shelter 7 buildings /5areas
Restrooms 53 installations / 5 areas
Parking Lots 5 places
Trails 6 Trails
Camping Grounds 1 place
Lake Summit Info
Location Longitude 126°32′ 31″, Latitude 33°21′ 31″
Address San Number 15, Topyung-dong, Seogwipo,  Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Crater Area 210,230㎡
Water Area 11,460㎡

Contact Information

  • Website : http://www.hallasan.go.kr
    Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Headquarters for Jeju World Natural Heritage Management, Protection and Management Department of Hallasan National Park. 
    555 Street No. 1100 Jeju City, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province(San 220-1 Haean-dong),Korea

  • Hallasan National Park(Eorimok) TEL +82-64-713-9950~2 / FAX+82-64-)710-7819
  • Visitor Center(Eorimok)                  TEL+82-64-713-9953 / FAX+82-64-710-7859
  • Seongpanak Office                    TEL+82-64-725-9950 / FAX+82-64-710-7889
  • Yeongsil Office                        TEL+82-64-747-9950 / FAX+82-64-710-7879
  • Gwaneumsa Informtion Office  TEL+82-64-756-9950 / FAX+82-64-710-7869
  • Gwaneumsa Informtion Office  TEL+82-64-756-9950 / FAX+82-64-710-7869
  • Donnaeko Informtion Office      TEL +82-64-710-6920 / FAX +82-64-710-6924